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TOOLBOX 4 Real Estate Agent Success

The TOOLBOX 4 REAL ESTATE AGENT SUCCESS is the ultimate resource for agents. Created and fueled by industry leader Neil Garfinkel, the TOOLBOX will keep you informed, streamline your workflow and provide all the tools you need to achieve success in the real estate industry.

Updated with new content daily, this service provides you with everything from checklists to webinars to customizable e-mail templates and forms. Whatever you need to make your transaction a success, you can find it on the TOOLBOX!

Meet Our “Agent of Change”

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why you need the TOOLBOX

All the tools you need for increased success- in one place

No more searching the internet to find facts and guidance

24/7 information on the topics you want

Details at your fingertips ANYTIME

Information delivered in “small bites”

Easy to incorporate into your work routine


In our ASK NEIL section

Tips and Topics designed for the Real Estate Agent

To generate business and personal success

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Ask your question here and pick a topic tag from the drop-down menu. Check the ASK NEIL section daily to see the answers to the questions that agents are asking.