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Update on Reasonable Accommodations and Reasonable Modifications Notice



How this will change your business…

The Toolbox is a valuable resource that will make you more nimble and more knowledgeable about the real estate industry. The tools we provide will give you easy access to everything you need to get organized, close deals efficiently and, above all, make your clients happy!

Updated with new content daily, we provide you with everything from checklists to webinars to customizable e-mail templates and forms. Whatever you need to make your transaction a success, you can find it on the TOOLBOX!

Fair Housing

Fair housing has become the most important topic for real estate agents. Our Fair Housing section provides breakdowns of complex fair housing laws and offers best practices for handling fair housing issues.

Fair Housing Golden Rule

Fair Housing Topic: Know Fair Housing Laws in Your Geographical Area of Business

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"What CAN I say?" Series #1- Who Lives Here?

"What CAN I say?" Series #1- Who Lives Here?

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Steering is the practice of influencing, guiding,or directing potential homebuyers or renters toward

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What You'll Find In The TOOLBOX

We compile industry guidelines and checklists for each transaction and offer insight on new issues in Fair Housing and Rental Resources. Ask your questions on the popular “Ask Neil” section of the website.

The TOOLBOX Provides You All

The Resources You Need To...


Find all of the latest updates and summaries on new guidelines and laws. Search our Fair Housing Resource section for documents necessary to help you comply with fair housing laws. Locate everything you need for your rental transactions in our Rental Resources section.


Have checklists and templates at your fingertips to address specific action items you need to complete and close the deal!


Connect with industry leaders to ask your questions and receive expert advice. Connect with your clients by utilizing new marketing tactics and increase sales by using state-of-the-art technology. Need more industry insight? You can connect with thought leaders on our webinars to discuss important topics that affect your business.

Who Powers The

Neil Garfinkel, managing partner of Abrams Garfinkel Margolis Bergson, LLP and Broker Counsel to REBNY, is a leading advisor to the real estate brokerage industry, and is uniquely qualified to bring you the TOOLBOX.

His unmatched knowledge of this industry gives him insight on the issues that are challenging for real estate agents. Neil is sharing his tricks of the trade and expertise with TOOLBOX subscribers.

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